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Hyperbook is a quick and easy way to build interactive workbooks, that support modern standards and run superfast. It works by compiling markdown to static pages.

Hyperbook makes writing interactive workbooks super simple while providing a good feature set.

You do not need any coding experience. You only need to create and edit Markdown files.

Getting Started

You can start working on a Hyperbook in three different ways. Choose the one which suits your style best.

  1. Install VS Code or VS Codium
  2. Install the Hyperbook Extension for VS Code or VS Codium
  3. Download the hyperbook-anywhere starter
  4. Unzip the file
  5. Open the folder in VS Code
  6. Run the Hyperbook: Show side preview command


The main goal of writing a Hyperbook is to have an interactive workbook. For this you have to deploy the exported Hyperbook to a host.

Luckily GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages and Vercel are free to use options, which are already setup for you, if you used one of our starters, like hyperbook-anywhere.

You just have to push your files to GitHub, GitLab or EduGit.

If you use the CLI version you can also export your Hyperbook to static HTML files, which can be uploaded anywhere. For this you need to run:

npx hyperbook build

Then you need to copy the files from .hyperbook/out to your desired location.

Do not forget to set a basePath in your hyperbook.json.


Updates should happen automatically.


We are happy to hear from you, if you need custom support or features for your application.

You can also join our Matrix Channel or connect with us on Twitter.

Hyperbook is maintained by OpenPatch, an organization for educational assessments and training. If you need help or create a Hyperbook get in touch.

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