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Library Configuration

A Hyperlibrary is a collection of Hyperbooks and Hyperlibraries. You can use it to merge several books into one big one. The books are automatically linked to each other. For this purpose a new link will be added to the links in the upper right corner. In its submenus you will find the linked Hyperbooks.

This documentation is also a Hyperlibrary. For the translations there is a separate Hyperbook for each translation. These individual Hyperbooks are combined in a Hyperlibrary. The menu item 'Translations' is the product of this linkage.

All you have to do is create a hyperlibrary.json file.

name*Name of the library.
library[]An array of books and libraries.
library[].src*Path to a book or library.
library[].basePath*Overwrites the basePath of a book or library.
library[].iconAn icon für the menu.
library[].nameA name für the menu. If no name is provided, it will use the one defined in the hyperbook.json or hyperlibrary.json
basePathDefines the basePath of the library.

Here is an example of a hyperlibrary.json:

  "name": "Translations",
  "library": [
    { "src": "de", "name": "Deutsch", "basePath": "de", "icon": "🇩🇪" },
    { "src": "en", "name": "English", "basePath": "/", "icon": "🇬🇧" }

You can also define translations. The translations will be selected based on the lanauge option in the corresponding hyperbook.json

  "name": { "en": "Translations", "de": "Übersetzungen" },
  "library": [
      "src": "de",
      "name": { "en": "German", "de": "Deutsch" },
      "basePath": "de",
      "icon": "🇩🇪"
      "src": "en",
      "name": { "en": "English", "de": "Englisch" },
      "basePath": "/",
      "icon": "🇬🇧"

hyperbook dev funktioniert noch nicht mit Hyperlibrary. Der aktuelle Workaround besteht darin, die Hyperbook separat mit hyperbook dev zu starten. Daher fehlt bei der lokalen Entwicklung das verknüpfende Menü.

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