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Sometimes you want a repeated layout in your Hyperbook. With templates, you can do that. You can define a template by placing it in the templates folder at the root of your Hyperbook. Then you can create .yml or .json files in your book folder. The files need to have a property template which references a file from the templates folder.


The template is located at templates/template-demo.md:

name: { { name } }
hide: true

# Description

{{ description }}

Templates are preprocessed, so you can use snippets aswell.

:Snippet{#smiley n=5}

In our book folder we can use the template by defining a YAML or JSON file:

  "template": "template-demo",
  "name": "Templates - Demo",
  "description": "Hi I am a template demo\n for JSON"

Resulting page for the JSON file

template: template-demo
name: Templates - Demo
description: |
  Hi I am a template demo
  for YAML.

Resulting page for the YAML file


You can use the same helpers as for snippets

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